Dell Four-Color 636 is an issue of Dell Comics' Four Color Comics series.

It was the third Four Color Comic to feature Chip 'n' Dale, and when they spun off into their own title, its numbering began with four.


Chip 'n' Dale

Summary: The chipmunks find a box of chocolates.

Working for Peanuts

Starring: Chip 'n' Dale
Guest Starring: Goofy
Summary: The chipmunks infiltrate a zoo to finagle some peanuts from zookeeper Goofy, but run into trouble with the other animals.


Starring: Chip 'n' Dale
Guest Starring: Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Thumper
Summary: When a tent mysteriously appears beneath Chip 'n' Dale's tree, they investigate, but are chased by Pluto. The boys enlist Thumper to help them sabotage Mickey's camping trip.

The Chips are Flying

Starring: Chip 'n' Dale
Guest Starring: Dumbo, Timothy Mouse, Old Witch, Bambi
Summary: When the circus comes to town, Chip 'n' Dale befriend Dumbo. Then the Old Witch captures Dumbo so the boys and Timothy ask Bambi to help rescue him.

Putty-Put Troubles

Starring: Chip 'n' Dale
Guest Starring: Donald Duck
Summary: Donald is pouring cement for a new patio. When the chipmunks drop acorns in the wet cement, they inadvertently start a new feud with the duck.

Chip 'n' Dale

Summary: Chip 'n' Dale find a piece of hose and try using it to transport acorns.

Chip 'n' Dale

Guest Starring: Donald Duck
Summary: The chipmunks use their wits to keep Donald from chopping down their tree.

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