Us da 2 09a 001

Volume 2 issue 9 of Disney Adventures

Disney Adventures is a monthly digest-sized magazine with articles for teenager kids about movies, music and more. It was launched in 1990 and contains comic stories based on Disney feature films and animated TV shows from The Disney Channel.

In August 2007, Disney Publishing Worldwide announced the cancellation of the series. After 17 years the last issue would come out in November 2007.

Country: USA

Publisher: Disney Comics, Inc.

Date: 1990-1997

Issues: Appx 174

Volumes 1 - 3
Volumes 4 - 6
Volumes 7 - 9
Volumes 10 - 12
Volumes 13 - 15

Not sure if a volume 15 exists at this time.

Volumes 16 - 17

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