Ron Stoppable
Vital statistics
Official Name Ronald Stoppable
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Middleton
Groups Team Possible
List of Appearances Category:Ron Stoppable

Ron Stoppable is Kim Possible's best friend since kindergarten, partner and sidekick, and later boyfriend since the night of their junior prom. Despite his role as the main source of comic relief, Ron proved himself to be a very capable hero and also saved the world from time to time, albeit mostly inadvertently or accidentally. His name was a play on the word "unstoppable." He is nerdier than popular Kim, though in their senior year he joined the football team, having previously served as team mascot. As of Season 4 Ron's parents adopted a baby girl from Japan named Hana. He loves to eat, especially at the Mexican restaurant Bueno Nacho. He is extremely afraid of monkeys, and small bugs, among other things.

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